Dedication for years

Hoping for the better future

For peace and for love

Wishing to help others

Such a pain

It was all in vain

Before they could see the end

The heaven marked them


#RIP all doctors and other people who passed away in us-Bangladesh plane crash


Behind the scenes

Abstract eyes

They lie

Behind that sweet smiles

They just hide more lies

Sugarcoated words

they’ll fool you for sure

insincere ties

Story follows likewise

Before my eyes cries

I hope to find good honest allies

A Letter to Myself

When nothing works out

And life seems hard

I know you feel like you’re the only one

Who has to deal with the harsh parts

But you’re not alone

We all stumble at least once

So even if the hard days come

Rest a little but don’t stop

Let’s take baby steps slowly like tortoise

And be the one to finish the race.


The invisible power

Keeps us pushing forward

Although unimaginable and distasteful things happen and exist in this world

Every morning we open our eyes and move on

But what is the motivation?

Money, power, greed?

Them, they have a long history

But all that’s temporary

Most of us flourish on hope

To have a better tomorrow

Hanging on to the rope of humanity

Waiting for the world to be more better

Where you, me and all of us

Can love and exist together

The Run

Never ending race

But I’m tired

My emotional self is now dryer

No desires

Yet I’m running like fire

Soul dead

And the body wants to rest

But the fear of them flying ahead

And me being left

And the fear of gossips, that will arise

So I can’t stop and unwind

Not even for a little while

Even though I’m tired


2017 left us before we knew it. I feel like it was the most unproductive year of my life. So, to make 2018 productive, I came up with the list of things I want to do in 2018.

1. To make the habit of sleeping early and getting up early. Also, to get 8 hours of sleep a day.

2. Get into fitness and start eating healthy overall.

3. Stop procrastinating

4. Learn guitar

5. Travel more

6. Find a better job

7. Learn at least 2 more languages

8. Get more organized

9. Learn to cook variety of foods

10. Meet more people

11. To be positive

12. To smile more and be happy in general

13. To write more

14. To read more books

15. To be more creative

I know it’s a bit late, but

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope you will enjoy great things in 2018 and be happy.